Luisa Dal Din

Comedian, Podcaster and Creator.

‘We Mean Well’ is one of the fastest growing and top-rated podcasts in Australia. Luisa Dal Din, or ‘Lu’ alongside co-host, Jack Archdale, are consistently expanding on their already highly engaged following, as they share their comedic takes on Australian life and try to make sense of the world around them.

The podcast boasts a significant social following, with over 407k followers on TikTok and 222k on Instagram. They are rapidly growing within a highly competitive podcasting space.

Originating from New Zealand, Luisa brings a background rooted in radio production and media. Her videos depict the comedic side of everyday Australian life and culture. Lu has introduced a fresh perspective to the creative space with her unique ability to blend depth and relatability, evident in her ever-growing social platforms- amassing 119K following on Instagram and 249K on TikTok.

Luisa engages audiences through her authentic content and natural comedic ability, making her one of the most exciting up-and-coming entertainers of the future.


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