Harry Milas

Australia’s leading sleight of hand specialist and magician who debunks cheating in the world’s biggest casinos.

Harry Milas is Australia's leading sleight of hand artist and magician based in Newtown, Sydney.

Through his years of work, Harry has been able to master these complex practices’, which has led him to a unique line of work, enlisted by some of the world’s largest casinos to detect cheating and fraud.

From Las Vegas to the Middle East, no matter the stakes and pressure, Harry has successfully identified individuals whether it be players or dealers, who try to outsmart ‘The House’.

As a method actor by trade, Harry’s meteoric rise through the ranks in Australia’s magician scene has been elusive and dynamic.

His signature close-up show has received awards and five-star reviews at multiple festivals, along with consecutive residencies within The Pylon of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

He has appeared on the Today Show, Channel 10, ABC and The Disney Channel, and has been lucky enough to study with some of the world's leading thinkers in the magic community.

Harry’s seance at Bondi Festival was a sell-out hit, along with being a multiple national champion of theatresports, Harry’s resume continues to impress, more recently with his residency at Red-Line Productions created ‘Cascadia’, a show where he infamously made an audience member disappear.

He regularly entertains for Australia’s largest corporations at some of the year’s most important events.

Harry Milas is exclusively represented by The Fordham Company.

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