Kaia Wright

Kaia Wright’s world is full of exciting diversions. Based in Australia’s Northern Territory, Kaia jumps between many worlds - from catching crocodiles in the swamps, carrying out modelling and ambassadorial duties and running several highly successful adventure tourism businesses she has with her husband Matt Wright, the much-loved TV star commonly known as 'The Outback Wrangler' which was seen over 4 seasons in 130 countries on National Geographic. Throw in being an incredible Mother to little son Banjo, Kaia Wright’s life is certainly full to the brim.

In 2022 Kaia made her global TV series debut starring alongside husband Matt in their new Netflix Series Wild Territory which will be released globally in late 2022 and aired in May on the Nine Network in Australia.

Along with her growling family, Kaia lives on a remote and expansive property in the outback of Australia's Northern Territory with their 18-foot pet crocodile Tripod, fifteen rescue crocs, three pigs Pepsi, Truffle and Cola, two dingoes Ernie and Albie, seven snakes and a menagerie of green tree frogs and of course the biggest love of both their lives, their beautiful 3 year-old son Banjo. Matt and Kaia are expecting a baby girl later this to add to their growing family and incredibly unique lineup of pets.

Matt and Kaia’s new series, Wild Territory, takes viewers on a journey into their adventures, miss-adventures, and the unique way they are raising their son off the grid amongst one of the world's final frontiers.

Matt’s work relocating animals, as a crocodile egg collector and helicopter pilot, takes their gorgeous family to some of the most remote landscapes in the world, taking on some intense situations and incredible animals while they grow their family tourism empire spanning across the NT. 

Kaia grew up in Western Australia’s beautiful Kimberley country, the lifestyle she shares with Matt couldn’t be any more perfect. They both love what they do and feel blessed to live in the natural beauty of outback Australia.

Kaia completed her high school education in Perth before moving to Sydney to study for her Bachelor of Media Communications in Journalism. Fortunately, she has been able to put her writing skills to good use across several creative platforms, including writing Matt’s best-selling life story published by Penguin Random House.

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