Gary Jubelin

One of Australia’s more respected and decorated Homicide Detectives, Award- Winning Best-Selling Author, Award winning podcast host and investigative reporter

Former Detective Chief Inspector Gary Jubelin is one of the countries most decorated and respected Homicide Detectives and has been credited with solving some of Australia’s more high profile, complex and horrific crimes.

During an incredible 34-year career that earned him high commendations for policing, Gary has a wealth of experience in the Armed Hold-Up Squad, Organised Crime Squad, Gangs Squad, Unsolved Homicide and Homicide Squad.

He specialised in the field of homicide investigation for 25 years, up until his retirement in 2019 with the rank of Detective Chief Inspector.

Since leaving the force, Gary has turned his attention to the media, creating one of Australia’s most successful podcasts, I Catch Killers. In partnership with News Corp Australia I Catch Killers has been come one of the highest rating and most downloaded podcasts in News Corps podcast history. Jubelin is also an Award Winning and Best Selling Author of two books I Catch Killer and Badness via his publishing partner Harper Collins.

Jubelin has also covered stories for The Sunday Telegraph and 60 Minutes on the Nine Network.

In 2023 Jubelin launched a new investigative podcast project called Breaking Badness which features Jubelin going inside the walls of a maximum-security prison which is the first time this has been allowed in Australian history.

With exclusive access to the Macquarie Correctional Centre, one of New South Wales’ most controversial prisons, what Jubelin discovered changes the way he thinks about crime and punishment. It might also change the way crime is dealt with across the country.

“I’ve left the cops but I still want to make a difference in the world of fighting crime. By bringing a focus on what happens in prisons, this might be the most significant contribution of my career.“

“As a detective I would never have thought in my wildest dreams that I’d be advocating for prison reform. But my eyes have been opened.”

“If reoffending is reduced, so is crime and that makes society a better place. Less people reoffending means less victims of crimes. Everyone wins.”

Jubelin is also a highly sought after keynote speaker and is working on his third book to be released in 2025.


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